What to Bring / What Not to Bring

  • Casual, modest, comfortable clothing is recommended. Please bring only enough clothes for approximately 3- 5 days. We have washers/dryers and laundry detergent available to our patients at no charge.
  • Slip on or Velcro athletic shoes
  • Fitness and yoga clothes
  • Patients may bring a one- piece swimsuit, when seasonally appropriate
  • Jackets and/or sweaters for cold weather and air conditioning in group room are recommended
  • Appropriate reading material -paperback novels are allowed although recovery related books are recommended
  • Stationery & stamps personal journal and/or notepads (not spiral bound) are recommended

If you are currently taking prescription medicine, please call the admissions department at (904) 296-3533, prior to evaluation to determine which medications are necessary to bring.

What NOT to Bring to Treatment

  • Clothing with references to alcohol, tobacco, violence, profanity or sexually explicit or suggestive messages
  • Backless shirts, spaghetti straps, tank tops, tube tops , low cut or sheer/see-through blouses or clothing
  • Short shorts, short skirts, low rise jeans, pants or shorts
  • Please note that undergarments, including bras, must be worn. However, bras containing underwire are not permitted
  • Any belts, drawstrings or shoe strings
  • Any personal toiletry items, as we provide them for you.
  • Any products containing alcohol, such as mouthwash and facial astringents.
  • Glass Items, including glass picture frames, mirrors, make up bottles, perfumes, etc.
  • Cell phones, pagers, PDA’s and other handheld electronic equipment.
  • Laptop computers or tablets
  • Cameras or video recording equipment.
  • Food products of any kind, including candy, gum, breath mints and beverages
  • Non-prescription medications, vitamins or herbal supplements
  • Mood altering substances of any kind, legal or illegal
  • Weapons or any items which could be used as a weapon
  • Excessive or expensive jewelry should be left at home (as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items)
  • Excessive amounts of cash beyond recommended spending money
  • Writing instruments (as we will provide appropriate instruments).
  • Hardcover, hardback , hardbound books or any books bound with rigid protective covers.
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