What to Expect During Treatment

What can I expect during my treatment?

At Wekiva Springs Center we focus on the whole person. Each patient’s treatment program is customized by our multidisciplinary team which is why there’s no such thing as a “typical” day at Wekiva. However, all treatment plans have elements in common. Every patient sees her primary therapist and an attending physician on a regular basis. Patients are engaged in a busy schedule of daily activities and have access to an on-site therapist throughout the treatment day. As you review the following sample daily schedule, notice the balance of therapeutic modalities. There are also opportunities for patients to learn relaxation and coping techniques; practice positive, life-enhancing new skills; and enjoy the feedback and support of their peers in therapist-facilitated gatherings.


  • Breakfast
  • Community Meeting: During this daily group-building time, patients learn about leadership and group dynamics, formulate and update their life goals, celebrate progress, and address issues that relate to the community.
  • Yoga: Forging a mind-body connection is part of the healing process at Wekiva.
  • Meditation: Patients learn mental exercises that help keep them focused and increasingly self-aware.

Primary Group (Process): Under the guidance of a therapist, carefully composed small groups explore their habitual patterns of thinking and behaving and the unhealthy coping strategies that have resulted. This is a key component of every schedule, every day.


  • Lunch
  • Stress Management: Structured, experiential activities that teach relaxation and positive imaging. Patients practice techniques they can use when they return to their everyday lives.
  • Break
  • Patients suffering from addiction disorders are presented with a 12-step recovery model that focuses on surrender, recognition that there’s a solution and positive steps toward recovery. Patients with eating disorders and psychiatric conditions spend this time dealing with their underlying issues, recognizing that there are solutions and cooperating in the recovery process.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Integration: A facilitated group that helps patients merge new thinking with action strategies. Learning is through role- playing and other experiential activities.
    Early Evening
  • Dinner
  • Break
  • Support Groups: Addiction support groups come to Wekiva to help nurture the recovery process.
    Night Time:
  • Journaling/Wrap Up: Guided meditation jumpstarts a therapeutic process in which patients respond to their thoughts with private entries in their journals.
  • Lights Out
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