Substance Use Disorders

Our psychiatrists and highly specialized nursing staff oversee medical detoxification from drugs and/or alcohol, as well as provide our patients with a safe, comfortable transition through the withdrawal process. The chemical dependency program at Wekiva Springs uses a nationally-accredited 12-step model of treatment called, Recovery Dynamics®.

Patients have the ability to transfer to a rehabilitation phase after the acute/detoxification phase has been completed. Treatment topics include conflict resolution, addressing cognitive distortions, guilt and shame, assertiveness, healthy relationships, and a variety of other related topics.

Here are some important things you should know about our addiction-treatment programs:

  • Programs are based on a combination of cognitive-behavioral and 12-step philosophies of recovery.
  • Patients are carefully supervised by our trained medical staff.
  • We treat underlying problems, including anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, sometimes from events in childhood or adolescence; psychological concerns, including feelings of inferiority or unrealistic goal setting; co-dependency and relationship issues; and other family problems.
  • Family discharge planning sessions consist of finding appropriate ongoing referrals and support for the patient and families.
  • We help patients find the balance and serenity they have lost—or may never have known before, and we introduce patients to new interests and help them rediscover joy in healthy living, balance, and wellness.
  • Our therapeutic groups provide a safe, confidential environment to share thoughts and build skills.

Online Assessment

The following thought-provoking questions are not designed to make a formal diagnosis of an addiction, or take the place of a professional evaluation or consultation. However, some of them might help you identify potentially harmful thoughts or behaviors and determine whether you or a loved one has a substance use problem or addiction that needs professional attention and treatment.

  • Has someone close to you commented on your use?
  • Do you find yourself preoccupied with the thoughts of drinking or using drugs?
  • Is your home life unhappy because of your alcohol or drug use?
  • Are you in jeopardy of losing your job or family because of use?
  • Do you need to drink or use to have fun or to enhance your social life?
  • Do you hide your use or lie about the amount you drink or use?
  • Do you drink or use while you are alone?
  • Do you suffer from loss of memory as a result of drinking/drug use?
  • Do you drink or use to cope with feelings of pain, anger, anxiety or depression?
  • Do you take more medication, or feel the need for more than is prescribed?
  • Do you go to multiple physicians to get the same medications?

If you answered “yes” to two or more of these questions, you or your loved one could have a problem with alcohol or drugs, Wekiva Springs can help. Contact us to schedule an admission or assessment.

Gender-Specific Treatment

Did you know that women get drunk faster than men, become addicted quicker and develop substance abuse-related diseases sooner? In addition to the obvious anatomical differences between women and men, your chemical, medical and emotional differences are important factors in life. Your addiction may be a simple matter of biology.

A three-year study on women and young girls from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University revealed that girls and young women use substances for different reasons than boys and young men. (Reasons include: feeling at ease in social situations, feeling more adequate, etc.)

The study also found that the signals and situations of higher risk are different and that girls and young women are more vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse as well as addiction.

For Older Adults

Anxiety, depression, grief and loneliness often manifest as psychiatric disorders in mature adults. Combined with medication misuse or alcohol, one can plunge quickly into isolation and depression.

Wekiva Springs Center has created unique inpatient and outpatient programs designed specifically for mature adults with mental health or dual diagnosis disorders. Our therapeutic setting allows our patients to thrive in an intimate, age specific and non-confrontational group of peers.

Our primary goal is to promote the maximum cognitive, social, physical and emotional development to individuals. The objective is to return our patients to their daily life as soon as possible. Our program focuses on a variety of specialized interventions offered in a serene setting that is conducive to individual needs of every patient

Treatment Includes:

  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Medication Management and Medication Education Therapy
  • History and Physical
  • Complex Life Transitions
  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Grief and Loss
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Discharge Planning
  • Group Setting, Individual Treatment.

Our inpatient and outpatient programs for mature adults provide services based on individual circumstances, symptoms and goals of each of our patients. The customized plan of care is determined by the psychiatrist and the treatment team, working together with the patient and his/her family.

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